Mother and Child Care

Jeff, Ankur, Queen, and Hilmi all use technology in creating and implementing solutions to the persistent problem of infant deaths in developing countries. One of the most striking ways in which they differ is in their opinion on the most important thing we could change or focus on to remove the barriers to needed quality healthcare.

In our first webinar, five experts will discuss their solutions towards reducing maternal mortality in developing countries, in response to the World Health Organization's 2018 analysis of this issue.

"We were the catalysts between the systems and the communities to bring them together … and therefore we could save more lives of women and children" - Dr. Armida Fernandez, Ashoka Fellow and SNEHA Founder.

Dr. Fernandez decided to leave her hospital role as Head of Neonatology in order...

The first 28 days of a newborn’s life are critical. Globally, 45% of deaths of under-five years old happen during this period. Prasanta Tripathy is addressing this issue.