AHA! Webinar #2: Strengthening the Last Mile - November 26, 2019

The Philips Foundation and Ashoka are hosting a series of webinars to explore the innovative paths to accelerate access to healthcare (AHA!) in disadvantaged communities by connecting social entrepreneurship with industry skills.  

Registration is now open for our second webinar, Strengthening the Last Mile: http://bit.ly/AHAWebinar2

The Challenges of Reaching the Last Mile

At least half of the world’s population is not able to access essential health services, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Among the challenges of providing global access to care is reaching the last mile. In healthcare, the last mile is the link between the healthcare network, such as professionals, services, technologies and organizations with remote locations where people await to be treated. Completing this last mile is often a barrier. Either due to the impossibility of physical access, financial issues, and/or cultural factors, challenges in the last mile can result in poor healthcare access. 

This will be the topic of our second webinar, on November 26 (15:00 CET, 9:00am Eastern Time). In some areas, reaching the last mile can be particularly challenging. According to WHO, almost all countries in Africa register the lowest number of doctors per capita in the world. The issue escalates to cost vs. expenses on healthcare, pushing families into poverty as they need to pay for care out of their own pockets; for almost 100 million people, healthcare expenses force them to survive on just $1.90 per day. A report published by WHO in 2016 highlighted that 6% of people in low and middle-income countries are pushed into extreme poverty due to health spending.  

How is this issue being addressed and how can methods be improved, enabling a bridge between the solution providers and people in need? 

Four Unique Perspectives 

This webinar unites four experts in the field to presenting what they have been doing to strengthen the last mile and obstacles they have faced on the way, and to discuss how to improve this mission further. 

Anne Gitimu (Amref Health Africa Program Director) has a background in public health, working on family planning, reproductive, newborn and child health. Amref focuses on human resources and innovative solutions to improve healthcare. 

Randy Hamlin (Philips Point-of-Care VP) brings a perspective from the private sector, as Philips Point-of-Care VP. Randy works on the mission of extending access to ultrasound to underserved communities and on how to work in a sustainable way to bring solutions to those most in need. 

Ting Shih (ClickMedix Founder and CEO) connects healthcare professionals and patients in developing countries with specialist doctors around the world using technology. 

Joost van Engen (Healthy Entrepreneurs Founder and Ashoka Fellow) trains community members to sell basic healthcare products, reaching approximately 6 million people in low-income communities. 

Want to see how? Check out this video on Healthy Entrepreneurs to understand what reaching the last mile really means: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8RGUVxFz_g&feature=youtu.be 

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