"We were the catalysts between the systems and the communities to bring them together … and therefore we could save more lives of women and children" - Dr. Armida Fernandez, Ashoka Fellow and SNEHA Founder.

"As a rural doctor, many times you find yourself without help, and a lot of times you feel very alone and scared because you're making decisions that ultimately could result in the loss of a life. That feeling of being alone and unsure isn't spoken about a lot in medicine. We're making sure that other doctors don't need to go through what we went through."

-- Dr. Mohammed Dalwai

The first 28 days of a newborn’s life are critical. Globally, 45% of deaths of under-five years old happen during this period. Prasanta Tripathy is addressing this issue.

In Pakistan, health insurance is only accessed by the wealthy. Asher created a micro-insurance solution to overcome the disparity, its devastating consequences.

Dr. Asher Hasan saw firsthand the devastating consequences of being uninsured in Pakistan. As in many Southeast Asian countries, health insurance is limited to the wealthy, excluding more than one-third of its 200 million people.

As part of the Accelerating Healthcare Access Summit, Philips Foundation and Ashoka held ‘Ecosystem Day’ - a full-day learning platform where experts from diverse fields engages with the world's leading social entrepreneurs and work together to advance access to healthcare for all.