Collaborative Action



Collaborative Action is the ‘lab’ within the partnership to facilitate and test how Royal Philips and Ashoka Fellows can meaningfully collaborate to address key identified barriers to primary healthcare delivery in emerging markets. Ashoka Fellows and Philips Business will explore how they can work together by leveraging their complementary strengths, with the ultimate goal of reducing health inequality and building more sustainable and durable access to primary healthcare. Collaborative Action is an opportunity to innovate, collaborate through win-win partnerships between business leaders like Philips and Ashoka Fellows. By combining business skills with system-changing ideas, these collaborations will ultimately plug existing gaps and strengthen the spread and impact of social innovation in accelerating healthcare.




The collaborative hubs, consisting of employees and healthcare experts from Royal Philips and Ashoka Fellows, will kick off with an initial Selection Phase, where the scope of the challenge, the Fellows involved and the objectives of the project will be determined. Following this, a pilot project will be set up to test the viability of the intervention in the Engagement Phase. Throughout this journey, the Collaborative Action team at the AHA! team will broker connections, monitor progress against goals, provide additional guidance to the teams, as well as organise Learning Journeys - two-day experiences set-up to bring the teams closer to the problem on the ground, in order to help them in their solutioning.



The Collaborative Action program is currently being co-designed by the partnership team and the program overview above is subject to change.