Accelerating Healthcare Access

Across the world, many individuals and communities lack access to high quality and affordable healthcare, caused for example by the remoteness of their community, lack of means to pay for healthcare support, by culture, conflict or other causes. Recognizing the need to increase healthcare access for disadvantaged communities, social entrepreneurs are creating new, visionary solutions aimed to provide suitable healthcare services and in certain cases eventually even transform healthcare systems to increase the healthcare available to people and communities.

The Philips Foundation and Ashoka are cooperating in a multi-year program to accelerate access to healthcare around the world by connecting social entrepreneurship with industry skills and exploring collaborative action between Philips Foundation and Ashoka fellows. The collaboration is rooted in the Philips Foundation's longstanding commitment to increase healthcare access for disadvantaged communities through innovation and Ashoka's network of leading social entrepreneurs who advance health equality with new solutions and approaches. This unique cross-sector collaboration will create and leverage shared value, addressing critical issues in access to healthcare throughout the health continuum.

Accelerating Healthcare Access (AHA!) is an ambitious movement between business and social entrepreneurs that addresses United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 3 (ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all) by scaling social innovation. These social entrepreneurs—selected by Ashoka for their ability to make systemic change and increase access to healthcare—will achieve their goals with support from the skills and expertise of talented and seasoned business leaders within the leading health technology company Philips.